James Tucker is a barrister working as a sole practitioner from Teucro Chambers.

 He advises and represents clients in relation to family matters including divorce, ancillary relief (financial and property issues), child contact arrangements and non-molestation orders.

He also undertakes prosecution work for the CPS in the criminal courts.


The following are invited to contact the Teucro Chambers Clerk on 01372 822999 (or email: jane@teucrochambers.co.uk) for a quote for our barrister’s services:

  • Solicitors or other practising lawyers;
  • Licenced Access clients, who may either hold a licence issued by the Bar Standards Board, or be a member of a professional body which has been recognised by the Bar Standards Board; and
  • Members of the Public who wish to instruct a barrister under the Public Access scheme.

Teucro Chambers will provide you with a quote as soon as possible. We will always aim to set out quotes clearly, but if you receive a quote and you do not understand, please contact us.


We most often charge hourly rates for private family work. This is in cases where the client is not eligible for Legal Aid. We do not undertake Legal Aid work and cannot take your case if you are entitled to Legal Aid.

Our Fees structure can be found under Information to Clients


Timescales for your case may vary depending on factors such as barristers’ availability, the type and complexity of the case, the other side’s approach and court waiting times.

Public Access

If you are a member of the public, the Bar Standards Board Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients is enclosed. This will help you to understand how the Public Access scheme works and explains how you can use it to instruct barristers directly.

Please note that James Tucker is authorised to give you advice, written or oral and to represent you at court hearings. He is not authorised to conduct litigation; this means that he will not write letters on your behalf (although he may advise you what to write), he will not complete court application forms (although he may advise you on their completion) and will not serve documents on the court or the other side.

Regulatory and Complaints Information

 Barristers in chambers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. You can search the Barristers’ Register on the Bar Standards Board’s website: https://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/regulatory-requirements/the-barristers’-register/.

This shows (1) whether a barrister has a current practising certificate, and (2) whether a barrister has any disciplinary findings, which are published on the Bar Standards Board’s website in accordance with their policy. Alternatively, you can contact the Bar Standards Board on 020 7611 1444 to ask about this (or e-mail ContactUs@BarStandardsBoard.org.uk).

Please refer to our Information to Clients section for::

 • Our complaints procedure;

• Any right you may have to complain to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) – the independent body which can help you if you have complained to your lawyer and are not happy with their response;

 • How to complain to LeO; and

• Any time limits for making a complaint.

You can also search the decision data on LeO’s website: http://www.legalombudsman.org.uk/raising-standards/data-and-decisions/#ombudsmandecision-data. This shows providers which received an ombudsman’s decision in the previous 12 months, and whether LeO required the provider to give the consumer a remedy. Alternatively, you can contact LeO on 0300 555 0333 to ask about this (or e-mail enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk).